Be healthy but stay lazy

Take some time off! If you take a day regularly to just do nothing, or two weeks for a relaxing vacation, would you consider that being lazy? Some people think so. Some experts, however, have come to the conclusion that most people don’t do these things nearly enough and therefore have stress and health related problems because of it. In other words, people don’t know how to be ‘lazy’. Have you heard the saying, ‘work smarter, not harder’? But how do you figure out what is ‘smarter’? An example might be making a priority list of what needs done each day with the most important things in order. Take number one on your list and finish it before moving on to number two and so on. Another way of working smarter is to pay attention to how you feel as you move through your list of work projects. When you begin to feel your energy flagging, stop and take a break. Have a nutritious snack and walk outside for a spot of sunshine…stretch and rest on a bench for a few minutes, letting your mind just drift. What does all this do for you? It lets you relax and recharge. It gives your brain and body a rest. Spending a half-hour of being lazy is the smart thing to do because you’ll go back to work refreshed and better able to think clearly.

Do the same thing at lunchtime. Take a break – don’t work through your lunch hour. Your body needs fuel and rest. It’s called balance. It’s great for stress-relief. If you can’t leave the building for some reason, sit at your desk and relax. Perhaps play some games on the computer – this will switch your mind to something entirely different from what you’ve been doing all morning and energize you. If you work from home, lie down for a while after lunch and let your mind and body rest, or take a leisurely walk in the sunshine and breathe deeply. Listen to your body!

Lazy can be a really good thing. For instance, if you’re feeling lazy, it’s probably because you’re tired and need to rest. When you don’t listen to your body, it can lead to burnout. Use lazy to your advantage – figure out ways to do what needs to be done with less effort, or take a hard look at the things on your To-Do List and decide if anything there could be marked off without it affecting your quality of life. Sometimes we set too many tasks for ourselves that aren’t really necessary. Instead, add something relaxing and enjoyable to the list.

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